Series Producer/Director for Channel 4 observational documentary on transgender kids in the UK, for broadcast in October 2015. Part of the Born in the Wrong Body season.

My Transgender Kid
follows two ordinary British families as they attempt to navigate the extraordinary challenges of having a 7 year old child who was born the wrong gender. The parents are faced with decisions few others could comprehend, from whether to use “he” or “she” pronouns to whether to let their kids go to school with their new identity, and risk bullying and judgment.

Photo (c) Chris Bull, 2015
Series Producer/Director: Nick SweeneyEpisode Directed & Produced by Emma Young

“Sensitively handled and heartbreaking" - The Independent
"Incredible” - Radio Times
“Groundbreaking" - Good Morning Britain
"Will move you to tears” - Cosmopolitan
“Fascinating” - Attitude
“Excellent” - Daily Telegraph
“Full of smiles and laughter” - Daily Express
"I love it so much." - Gawker
Daily Mail Critic’s Choice

Top Twitter trend, featured on: Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Radio Times, Cosmopolitan, The Independent, Good Morning Britain.