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Each summer in the woodlands of New Hampshire, aspiring Kris Kringles convene at Santa Camp. When three “nontraditional” recruits join the ranks of their fellow Clauses, they begin an uphill battle in the struggle for acceptance. After camp, our newly minted Santas return home with hopes of changing their own communities’ relationship with Santa Claus.­ – Brandon Harrison
"A must-see" - Daily Beast
“This is not the documentary you think it is.” - Vanity Fair
"Emotionally complicated yet heartwarming" - Salon
"Tear-jerking and thought-provoking" - The Independent
"May just make your heart burst wide open." - TV Guide
"All the hallmarks of a Christmas classic" - Screenrant


Director and Producer: Nick Sweeney
Producer: Stacey Reiss
Co-Producer: Korina Palomino
Executive Producers for HBO Max: Jennifer O’Connell, Lizzie Fox
Senior Producer for HBO Max: Casey Meurer
Editor: Lise Lavallée
Cinematographer: Noah Collier
Composer: Oliver Chang
Production Companies: Monomania, in association with Stacey Reiss Productions
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